Online presence is the medium in which all organizations are measured for relevance. Not-for-profits, with their limited resources, must remain focused on their mission in order to succeed, and thus often fall short in the breakneck pace to stay current.

Helping Around Foundation Inc. (HAF) is an organization giving a visual voice to cries for help around the globe. We partner with other non-profits to vocalize the efforts they are making to better our world. Drawing from a network of media focused folks, we aim to produce packages bursting with photo, video, and passion for some causes we believe you should get behind. By directing our focus on these endeavors, we hope to introduce more attention to otherwise overlooked ventures.

Our ultimate aim is to broaden the efforts of nonprofits and increase their exposure. In order to accomplish this, we provide teams of individuals who get behind the lens in order to show what measures you're taking. We provide quality photographs and video clips in the form of digital copies for web use, as well as hard copies in the form of prints, bound books, or otherwise. Not only is this content available to enhance your site, but we feature it on HAF's as an additional platform to get the word out about your work. As we grow in numbers, we bring more people in the form of organized man-power and donations.

Ongoing Fundraising
Op Ava Helping Around Foundation

Fundraising by a Vineyard

HAF is partnering with vineyards throughout the state of Virginia to receive a percentage of wine sales as a means of fundraising. In order to show support, not only for our foundation and the non-profits we work with, but for the unique Virginia wine scene, look for our logo on bottles in grocery stores within the state, or order from our Cellar (coming soon!)