Andrea Shank Helping Around FOundation
Gina Kirstein, CEO
Gina Kirstein is the spring from which the well of Helping Around Foundation draws its ambitions. As a second generation entrepreneur, she has owned, ran, created, and sold several businesses, giving her a comprehensive background on the necessary groundwork for an organization. She has attained a Masters in Business Administration from Belford, managed teams, directed shows, and proficiently lead discussions in a public speaking environment. Gina is Open Water Scubadiving Certified, and began her world travels with a Kibbutz in Israel. She is the Chairman of the Board and Operating manager.
Abigail Shank Helping Around FOundation
Abigail Shank, Human Resources
Abigail Shank has extensive experience in the human services field within the United States. During her time in the workforce she has gained familiarity with accounting, event planning, reception duties, customer service, concierge, personnel training and management. She has frequently been trusted to multitask and manage several of these facets of professional experience at the same time during her career. She also has a passion for the film industry, and has pursued that by being heavily involved with g14productions as a script supervisor and production manager. Having assisted in the opening of several small business along the East Coast, Abigail's knowledge of what it takes to get an organization set up and running has proven to be an invaluable skill-set. Abigail has been an avid backpacker for 8 years with travels that have taken her to a multitude of locations along the Pacific Northwest Mountain Ranges and the Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast. She is also a certified open water scuba diver that has logged hours off the coast of Costa Rica, St. Lucia, as well as in several locations throughout the Caribbean. She frequently blogs to document and share her experiences with the world.
Andrea Shank Helping Around FOundation
Andrea Shank, Project Manager
Andrea Shank has a BS in Visual Communications, specializing in Photojournalism, and a BS in International Studies, minoring in Marine Science. She has sailed the North American Atlantic coast, circumnavigated the globe, and studied film in Prague. She is certified in Open Water Scubadiving, as well as Bartending and Mixology. Andrea has written, shot, and edited, both as an intern and freelance, across the world, exposing herself to the needs of people and environments. She wears the hats of Researcher, Project Manager, Program Director, Photographer, Videographer, and Communications Specialist.
Andrea Shank Helping Around FOundation
Austin Shank, Travel Correspondent
Austin James Shank has received his Bachelor's in Science which he has used to focus his passion on Marine Science Conservation. His certification as an Open Water Diver has allowed him to log dives in Key Largo FL, Sailing Point St. Lucia, and Capetown South Africa. Currently Austin is involved in a Professional Internship in Southern Florida which has allowed him to scuba dive multiple times a day for 3 months. With this he will accumulate over 70 hours of scuba experience, participate in the training of aquatic species native to the Caribbean, as well as prepare and implement calculated diets for Elasmobranchs, Teleosts, Cephlapods, Marine Reptilias, and Cnidarias. Through Austin's work and volunteer experiences he has gained valuable experience in Guest Relations, an Aquarist, Researcher, Program Director, and a Teacher.